Into the Eater-Pits

an Age of Sigmar narrative campaign to the heart of Ghur

Rumours have driven you far; rumours of gold, of treasure, of loved ones missing and of death.

After a long march through the wilds of Ghur you finally stand on the precipice. A valley ringed with sharp cliffs stretches out before you. Where rumour has it treasures untold lie unguarded and ready for the taking.

In the valley below all you can see is blood red sands, small hills and rocky outcrops. There is no sign of life or any settlement, civilised or otherwise. As you gaze out into the valley the morning sun glints off multiple points within. There is more than just rock and sand down there.

The cliffs stretch off in each direction encircling the valley. The descent will be difficult, but you have come too far to turn back now… onwards and downwards…

This is a narrative battlepack. It is aimed at giving players a fun narrative to experience and share with their opponents.
Play the game out in this spirit, work through any issues you may encounter and reach out for your Tournament
Organiser (TO) to help resolve anything holding you up or getting in the way of sharing a fun experience.

Download this Campaign Pack directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

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by KrrNiGit with support from Jolt Games

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