In The Shadow of Mallus

a 3 game narrative Warcry event, built around a branching quest-line, held at Adepticon '22

Excelsis, the City of Secrets, a corpse of prophecies and rubble. Skaven, hedonites of Slaanesh, and Kragnos, with his horde of gargants, orruks, and grots have brought the city to its knees. It stands, or rather, it slouches, but it is still controlled by Sigmar and those who favor Order. Mallus stands majestic, tall against the skyline and brooding over Excelsis. Forever weeping it’s prophecies; tantalizing with its glimpses of the future. Is that why you are here? Do you seek to steal the city’s secrets for your own? Do you wish to pick the bones of its carcass clean? Perhaps you are filled with noble purpose and wish to help rebuild this bastion of civilization in an untamed land? Some of you may wish to tarnish or snuff out this jewel of Sigmar. Or is it treasure and knowledge you seek? Whatever your purpose here, you’ll find danger and glory in equal measure, in the shadow of Mallus.

In The Shadow of Mallus is a Warcry narrative event that was held at Adepticon 2022.  To participate players muster a 15-warrior warband to play 1,000 Warcry games with.   3 games lead players through a branching quest.

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by Josh Arrington & Vint Quamme @ Dogs of Warcry (of The Mortal Realms)

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