Exemplary Battles: The Breaking of the Perfect Fortress

an official HH mission recreating the Raven Guard's siege on Fulgrim's Perfect Fortress

Although it was known as the Perfect Fortress, it was no mere citadel upon the world of Narsis. Built under the instruction of the most adept commanders of Fulgrim’s Legion, the Perfect Fortress was far more; a vast and sprawling metropolis of buildings, together forming a defensive structure of gargantuan proportions. Colossal orbital laser batteries tracked the skies ready to intercept enemy craft, and flak guns were ready to shred attackers bold enough to attempt to strike from the sky. From administratum sectors to manufactorums, each seemingly innocuous structure concealed defences upon which every inhabitant could mobilise as a militia, creating interlocking firing arcs from balconies and window bays and turning plazas and gardens into killing fields for any assailants.

The mission presented here can be used to recreate the events that took place on Narsis, representing forces from the Raven Guard as they clear the hab-blocks around block Delta-19. However, players may wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness, using the recommended army size of between 1,500-2,000 points and the Zone Mortalis Combatant Force Organisation chart. Regardless of the forces used, players should roll off to see which side will be the Attackers or Defenders.

One side must clear a fortified hab-block, driving out the enemy while minimising their own casualties. The opposing side has patiently set their traps and defences and must resist the onslaught and keep the attackers from key control points.

This mission uses the Zone Mortalis rules alongside The Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness rules.

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by Games Workshop

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