Heroes of Ulfenkarn Warband

Warcry warband rules for the Cursed City Heroes of Ulfenkarn

What happens when the heroes when the Agents of Defiance make it out of the Cursed City?  Why, they work their way over to the Eightpoints!

Ever wanted to use those gorgeous Cursed City hero models in Warcry?  Now you can!  This download includes Warcry profiles and abilities for each hero of Ulfenkarn including

  • Emelda Braskov (Freeguild General)
  • Brutogg Corpse-eater (Ogor Breacher)
  • Qulathis the Excile (High Sister)
  • Jelsen Darrock (Marksman with long rifle)
  • Glaurio ven Alten III (Marksman with Repeater handgun)
  • Dagnai Holdenstock (Arkanaut Admiral)
  • Octron Glimscry (Battlemage)
  • Cleona Zeitengale (Battlemage)

Better still, all of the profiles and abilities are proxied from existing Warcry material so the effects and prices should be pretty balanced!

Read more about the development of these cards here!

Download these cards directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by Moskonet

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