Hemera’s End

a 7th edition WH40k map based team Campaign League

The Hemera cluster is a cauldron of suffering and strife. Its planets are constantly wreathed in smoke and ash, its space lanes filled with the wreckage of a thousand wars, its world’s abject pits of misery and anguish. The poor, beleaguered citizens cling onto life in a perpetual state of conflict and upheaval. The region lies along the north eastern limits of Imperial space, straddling the ever shifting borders of the Ultima Sector and the Ghoul stars. It is an interstellar cross roads or rival empires, all fighting for dominance.

But it seems the Chaos gods are not without their dark, incomprehensible humour. A ferocious warp storm has broken over the region, trapping its belligerent occupants behind its impenetrable barrier. With no warning, the rival forces – as well as the hapless citizens that all this system home – have been cut off from the support of their empires.

The frantic scramble for what meager resources exist in the system has begun, with each faction vying for supremacy in a battle that has now become about survival. While some factions fight bitterly for sole ascendancy, uneasy alliances between former adversaries have been hastily cobbled together in an effort to tip the balance in their favour. The poor suffering citizens of these region’s hellish worlds may have though further strife was not possible, but the escalation has only just begun…

This was truly the beginning of… Hemera’s End

Hemera’s End is a map-based team Campaign League system where Alliances are represented by two partners.  Every game round (nominally 2 weeks), Alliances will play each other, using a set of custom campaign missions, and record their results which will affect both the Campaign Map and their League score.


by Iapedus

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