Heart of Darkness

a narrative T9A 2e map campaign for multiple players with upgrade and consequence mechanics

All have heard of the fall of Naptesh.  Whether the historians studying the history carved into the cartouches, the lowly peasant through myth and scary stories, or from having lived through the events itself.  All have heard the story, but few know what happened after the fall of Setesh.

After the gods answered Teput prayers and slammed shut the gates of the underworld a search began.  Teput searched the body of Setesh for her husband’s heart, since with the power it contained it may be possible to reassemble and resurrect her husband and the favorite of the gods.  But his heart was not on Setesh, nor was it in the palace he usurped, nor the temples he desecrated.  But still she searched scouring the desert for her husband’s heart.  But she was not the only one to search.  Many have launched expeditions into Naptesh.  Most never return, sometimes small ragged bands reemerge never speaking of what they saw, and never returning.  And on rare occasion a single member returns, the desert having taken it’s toll and driving them insane.  They speak of having found the heart, and having been tricked.  But still they search, the powerful and insane alike, and still the draw of that power calls out, since if Setesh was able to usurp death itself, then what else might be done with that power?

For centuries, the search went on, and for centuries all was in vain.  There has been an upsurge on the black market of arcane cartouches referencing Setesh, and the heart of Phatep, perhaps they hold the secrets to it’s location. But your informants have also been hearing whispers from the borders of Naptesh.  They speak of a sudden surge in the arcane powers, and it is said the sands have revealed a sphinx, ancient and wise, and that if you can answer its’ riddles, it will tell you anything you wish to know.  And it’s not just that, you have received word that other nobles have conveniently launched “historical expeditions” to Naptesh, and so here you are mustering your armies to March in search of the heart of Phatep, because you can only imagine what you could achieve with such power.

This campaign is designed around 4 “campaign seasons’ each lasting 3 turns, and ending with a battle scenario.  You can make each campaign season longer or shorter to fit your group, and you can even use the first scenario to determine what order people pick their territories.  It’s all up to you, but the “standard” campaign is 4 seasons of 3 turns, or 12 total turns on the campaign map. The download includes a sample campaign map that matches (roughly) the location within the Ninth age world that this story takes place.  Although you are welcome to make use of any hex map you wish.  This one is optimized for 6 to 10 players with blue tiles indicating water, that are intended to be impassable.

Read a bit more about this campaign here.

Download the campaign from the original Google Docs link here!


by Nicreap

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