Expanded Open War Narrative Rules

supplemental rules for the WH40k, 8th edition, Open War system

Many hobbyists have had a great time playing with the Warhammer 40k, 8th edition, Open War.  The narrative possibilities of this Open Play game aid have not gone unnoticed, but a few additional rules can help nuance the narrative and help add a little player interaction with the scenario development.

While this system does remove a small measure of the random generation of scenario elements, the Open War Narrative is still very much a self-telling story. The players are still engaged in a story that tells the major beats itself. Having said that, it’s up to the players to come up with the details on their own

This system is intended for two players whose armies are engaged in an extended conflict of some kind. It’s up to the cards to determine the objectives of the scenarios while it’s up to the players to weave a story to fit these random events.

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by Masters of the Forge

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