Exemplary Battles: The Battle of Calth: Underworld War

an official HH campaign featuring the Word Bearers' attack on the Ultramarines at the Battle of Calth

The forces of the Word Bearers Legion launched uncounted incursions to seek out and destroy Ultramarines resistance fighters trapped beneath the surface of Calth, deep into the winding caverns and arcologies where the survivors of the initial attacks desperately sought shelter. Strike forces, facilitated by duplicitous agents from within the civilian population corrupted by the temptatious offerings of the dark gods, infiltrated the secure lines, disabling augur feeds and sensor arrays, allowing attacks to be made with devastating effect. Vast numbers of Loyalist lives were lost, vaporised by the subterranean detonation of horrifying weapons intended for void warfare, cut down with the hidden blades of those that stood beside them or poisoned by tainted atmosphere recyclers. Such was the scale of bloodshed, it sent waves through the Empyrean itself and stirred the dark powers that dwelled there.

The missions presented here can be used to recreate key conflicts representing the Word Bearers efforts seek out and destroy Ultramarines resistance fighters beneath the surface of Calth. scouring the planet and ransacking its vaults in an attempt to lay claim to what lies within. Players may wish to vary the forces used in these scenarios to portray alternative conflicts in the Age of Darkness, using the recommended army size of between 1,000-1,500 points and the Zone Mortalis Combatant Force Organisation chart.

This 15-page PDF has all the lore and rules for refighting The Battle of Calth the Word Bearers attempt to eliminate the Ultramarines.

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by Games Workshop

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