Eternal Conquest

a WH40k 7e hex-Map Campaign system for multiple players

Many people like to play regular opponents when wargaming, sometimes adding narrative-based games and scenarios into the mix to keep the games interesting. This map campaign system helps build the narrative around games, and provides a sense of a world being fought over to tie battles together as part of a war. Another advantage to playing with a map campaign is that it encourages the use of different types of army and different environments for battles to take place in to keep games varied and interesting. While this particular ruleset is designed for use in 40K, the map generator can be used for any game system, and this ruleset can be modified to support different games as well.

For the most part the main rules are unaltered, though some rules which are currently randomised are now fixed based on the progress made in the campaign and the part of the map being fought over, to encourage careful use of strategy on the map.

Download the campaign rules directly from the author’s Dropbox here!

Download the map generator directly from the author’s Dropbox here!

Read more about this campaign system here!

These files were developed and shared at the Fandexes Facebook Group!  If you’re interested in homebrew army books for Games Workshop games go join their community!


by Robert Thornton-Kaye

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