Dystopian Wars Tournament Guide

official recommended tournament rules for Dystopian Wars

Welcome to the 2023 Season Admiral’s Tournament guide. This guide is intended to help participate in Organised Play for Dystopian Wars. The Admiral’s Tournament is a great way for clubs and communities to grow by challenging each other in friendly competition. Admiral’s Tournament events are designed as one-day or full weekend competitions that are easy for players of any skill level to participate in. There are a variety of awards that can be won in the Admiral’s Tournament for all player types, from those who focus on the gameplay itself to those who enjoy the social and hobby aspects of Dystopian Wars. These events use 2,000-point Forces unless specified otherwise by the Event Organizer (EO). and take place over several games known as Matches. The Admiral’s Tournament encourages participants to have a great time and perhaps make some new friends along the way.

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