Da Sacrifice

a two player Gorkmorka scenario, with NPC Notmobz!, to recover a boy taken by Muties

Mutie captives have pretty dismal prospects as it is, but the existence of the sacrificial pools is something few ever hear of, dead men tell no tales, after all…

This scenario can be played should one of your mob members be unlucky enough to be captured by Muties.  No longer is there only Convoy as you can at last take the fight to the Muties.

This scenario contains Notmobz – NPC characters that operate independently of both players!

See the original download page here!

This download was made possible by the amazing work done over at The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site.  If you’re serious about Gorkamorka, tUGS is your new best friend!


by Matt McPherson

courtesy of The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

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