Book of the Sump

Necromunda Supplement with lore, rules, & scenarios detailing The Sump City and its districts

“Watch your steps scums. Today it is raining in the Sump City. And trust me, you do not want to know, what that rain is…” – Natomi Scalto

This expansive Necromunda PDF supplement includes the following material in both screen & print optimized variants:
  • Summary of lore connected to the Sump City and the Sump Sea of Necromunda (including Sump City Radio)
  • Photo chapter for all the Terrain-Makers looking for inspiration with ships, boats, sump monsters etc.
  • Guide how to make campaign in the Sump Sea environment
  • Our proposition of rules for boats, ships and barges
  • Expanded territory list for Dominion or Dark Uprising Campaign
  • Trading post appendix (Pincer pattern servo claw, subnautican suits and more…)
  • New scenarios, monsters, Dramatis Personaes and hanger-on
  • And examples of two Sump Sea’s settlements– James Dix’s Guilders-Ford and my creation – the Bone Harbour, with custom made map divided into territories, so anyone can take that map and use it as base for their campaign (map is also included in my folder with and without texts so you can create your own lore).

As well as five variations on a map of Bone Harbour for use with your campaigns!

Download this supplement directly from the author’s Google Drive here!

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by Kacper Kuc, Alexander Lunde, Carl R Johnston, James Dix, Jan Závěšický, Bryan Paul Rees, Giovanni Calapaj, Will Cooper, Leonard Dime, Steve Brice, & Lief Beaver

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