Battletome Supplement: World Titan

an AoS 2.0 battletome supplement to add depth to your Sons of Behemat army!

Many Scholars in the realms have dedicated their lives to the study of the great beasts that roam the lands that they call home, for some the cataloging and recording breeds of Gargants has become a time sensitive manner as rapid expansion and the attrition of unending wars draws their extinction ever closer.

An expansion and campaign system for the Sons of Behemat battletome to allow more customisation including creating your own Gargant lineage on the tabletop.

  • Custom Gargant Lineages

  • New Artefacts and Abilities

  • 3 Gargant-centric scenarios!

Download this supplement directly from the author’s WordPress site here!

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by Ricki Smith (KITBASHED)

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