Battletome: Empires of Industry

an AoS 2.0 battletome representing the more industrial Cities of Sigmar within the Mortal Realms

Not all of the forces of Order are heralded with the flash of thunder or the scent of salt water. Throughout the realms the screech of steam engines and the smell of black powder herald the Iron Weld. Noble engineers stride on mechanical wonders alongside the labourers upon whose backs their empire has been built. It is through their industry and ingenuity that the free cities defences are produced, and it is through their architectural advancements that they rise. Unlike the Hosts of Sigmar or the Children of Alarielle, the Ironweld fight not on the promise of rebirth or life eternal, nor rest in gilded promised land. Yet despite the myriad of creatures lurking in the shadows, ever hungry for the souls of mortal men, they march eternally onwards. No loss of limb, nor fear of death could hinder their steps, and even in their most mortal hour all can return to the great furnace, stoking the beating heart of the Weld.

A complete battletome with narrative lore to reflect more industrial Cities within the Mortal Realms, not only allowing you to create and run a mysterious Midnight City army, but to bring any of the Cities of Sigmar cities into a more industrious future.

  • New Warscrolls

  • Cogfort Rules

  • Unique Allegiance abilities

  • Enticing Lore

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by Ricki Smith (KITBASHED)

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