Azyr Empires

a multi-player, resource campaign for AoS 1.0

Azyr Empires lets you play the role of a conqueror-to-be, forging your own destiny and your own path while leading your armies to victory over both the Mortal Realms as well as the fell Realms of Chaos.

You and your friends each control a set of territories, located across the realms. As you do battle, you will gain new territories or lose existing territories, and unlock new abilities for your character and for his armies.

Do you forge alliances or do you go at it alone? Do you build up industrious cities that help produce resources for your realm or will you build defensive bastions to protect your territory?

Many will be called, but few will walk the path of the Everchosen, or elevate themselves in the eyes of the Chaos Gods to become one of the dreaded greater demons. Perhaps your destiny lies with becoming the greatest mage lord that ever lived, alongside the likes of Teclis? Perhaps you will rival the power of the realm’s lords themselves, and do battle against Nagash or Archaon?

Your destiny is forged within these pages and on the tabletops where you will either forge the greatest empire since the Age of Chaos has ended, or lie with those that were defeated where your bones will be picked clean and your name forever lost to time.

Azyr Empires is a resource-campaign system, where players will manage resources and then do battle on the table. Campaign games can be a lot of fun, but can also require a lot of effort from the players involved. Where possible, this system will hopefully address the more common issues found in campaigns, and more specifically with resource-campaigns.

You can also find the Azyr Empires files on Scribed here, here, & here!

This download is the original edition of Azyr Empires.  Check out the Azyr Empires Second Edition download page for a newer, more streamlined, version.


by Chris “Auticus” Nye

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