Adeptus Titanticus: Matched Play Missions

alternate Matched Play Missions for AT18

The purpose of this supplement is to provide an alternate set of Matched Play missions to those presented originally in the main rulebook for Adeptus Titanicus (AT18).

The main aims whilst producing these missions was (i) to offer players an expanded range of missions, and (ii) to ensure all missions have an equal amount of Victory Points, thus ensuring a fairer gaming experience and a more equal chance of winning for each player.

The procedure for setting up your games is slightly modified from the process described in the main Adeptus Titanicus rulebook; the main differences being that missions are kept secret for your opponent until the end of the game (thanks to Mark from the Age of Darkness podcast for that excellent suggestion!) and that secondary missions objectives are chosen by the player rather than being dictated by the choice of primary mission. The advantage of keeping your chosen mission secret is that some missions are quite easy to counter if known beforehand; for example, Vital Cargo from the main Adeptus Titanicus rulebook (page 85). In keeping the missions secret, it is possible for canny players to attempt to bluff their opponent in order to disguise their real intentions. It also better represents the confusion and chaos encountered in a real warzone; after all, the true objectives of a particular battle are unlikely to be known by the enemy generals, let alone the foot-soldiers whose job it is to enact or prevent those lofty goals.

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by Graham Sanders

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