A Tale of the Crimson Peaks

a T9A 1e map campaign, with an escalation mechanic, for 3-9 players

The Vetian villages harbour many tales and legends regarding the Crimson Peaks, be it about the fabulous forges of the Dwarves, the wild shrines of the Beastmen or the arcane groves of the Elves. Darker tales of Undead and Daemons can also be heard, though most villagers have lived undisturbed by these evils for several generations. A tale heard often is that of the Triskelion, an ancient structure hidden in the mountains. Some say it was built by the Elves in the Second Age, who fought bitterly against the Dwarves, some say it was built by the Dwarves and their intrusion angered the Beasts, who tore it apart. At least two different tales speak of Vampires and Necromancers who tried to find it during the times of the Black King of Equitaine. It seems that, by chance or fate, several adventurous generals have managed to gather enough resources to make another attempt at uncovering the truth.

The campaign can have any number of players (ideally 3-9) and designed to last for 6 or 8 Turns, where each turn typically requires up to 2 battles per player to be fought.  The built-in escalation system represents the growth of the army forces of each player over time.  The map of the campaign is made up of hexagonal tiles.  It can be set up in any way the organizers/players of the campaign see fit, but one example is provided.

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by elendor_f

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