8ed Heresy Project

rules, missions, & armies for using your 30k army in WH40k 8e

Welcome to the 8th Edition Heresy Project, intended to allow people to use their Horus Heresy armies with the Warhammer 40k 8th Edition ruleset.  We’ve tried to keep the structure and arrangement of units and armies the same as they have been in previous versions of 30k, but using the 8ed rules system.  If rules for a unit exist in 8ed, we’ve used them unchanged.  When porting over rules from 7ed, we’ve tried to use equivalent 8ed rules wherever possible, and only write completely new material where necessary.

Read more about this project at DakkaDakka here!

Read more about this project at the Heresy30k forums (you have to register) here & here!

Download the latest files directly from the authors’ Google Drive here!

Check out the 9th edition version here!


by ArbitorIan, Grifftofer, Mounty_Chris, Shas’va, Darog, Chainmachete, Magos_Dominus, Wildetuen, RandomTerror

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