Zone Mortalis – The Horus Heresy

updated Zone Mortalis rules for The Horus Heresy

These Zone Mortalis rules are intended to recreate battles during the Horus Heresy in “the fatal ground” – the Zone Mortalis itself.  These are tightly confined battlefields – filthy sewer systems, claustrophobic warships, or the twisting corridors of a bunker complex.  The idea is that you have a restricted, closed-off board filled with tight corridors, heavy bulkheads and small rooms in which to play the game, giving it a similar feel to games of Necromunda.  Zone Mortalis can be considered in most ways to be less of a mission set and more an entirely different mode of play for Horus Heresy.  The special rules for Zone Mortalis affect everything from how you build your list to how you prosecute your war against the enemy.

This pack contains the basic and optional rules for Zone Mortalis, the Force Organisation Charts for building Zone Mortalis forces, and two missions to try out.

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by LordTwisted @ Goonhammer

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