Weirdnobz AoS 3 Scoring Sheet

two printable scoring sheets to help make your AoS 3.0 tournament better!

This download is for a Tournament Scoring Sheet optimized for Age of Sigmar 3.0

The sheet is best used when printed, laminated, and filled out with a dry erase marker.

There is a low-fi version that tournament organizers can cheaply photocopy for players to fill it out with a pen or pencil and turn it in at the end of each round of an event and a hi-fi version for your swankier events.

The sheet has space to track additional information if a tournament organizer is giving out milestone awards at the end of an event (i.e. a Monster Slayer award for most monsters slain) or if you want to record additional data that occurred during your games.

The version available here at TCRepo is 1.9.

Downloaded the latest version of this document and see more of the Weirdnobz Gaming Aids at their site here!


by Weirdnobz

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