Weirdnobz AoS 3 Battlepack: Sigmar 101

a simplified Battlepack to help you learn or teach Age of Sigmar 3.0

Welcome to the Sigmar 101: Battlepack!
There has been a lot of discussion in the community (most notably on The Honest Wargamer and Warhammer Weekly) about creating a simple battlepack for Age of Sigmar. As we prepare for our next local escalation league and have been seeing a large influx of new players, we are keenly aware of the difficulty these players face when trying to grasp the rules for Age of Sigmar. We wanted to create a battlepack that more thoroughly explained army creation and a set of core rules that helped reduce decision paralysis and let players focus on moving their units and rolling dice. For experienced players, one of the design goals was to ensure Sigmar 101 was as close to the core rules of Age of Sigmar as possible. You will not see “house rules” for obscuring or impassable terrain (even though the game is much better for it and needs it). We feel these concepts are better introduced as players get more comfortable with the game. What you will see are certain mechanics–like battle tactics and mysterious terrain–removed from Sigmar 101’s core rules. These sets of mechanics are introduced as twists in the First Fight battleplan which either expand on rules that were trimmed down like heroic actions and monstrous rampages or add rules that were cut out entirely like mysterious terrain or battle tactics. We hope these changes can help lessen the barrier of entry to the game for new players and grow the amazing community that is Age of Sigmar. Feedback is always appreciated. You can reach out to us on Twitter or email us. WAAAGH! loud and often.

Till next time,
–V (aka “The Harrower”)

The version available here at TCRepo is 1.2.

Downloaded the latest version of this document and see more of the Weirdnobz Gaming Aids at their site here!


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