Warhammer 40k Galaxy Map

editable, ultra high res, WH40k galaxy map with planet classifications

This download is of an amazing, ultra high res, map of the Warhammer 40k galaxy including a legend of planet classifications.  This map is the culmination of a multi year effort cross referencing pretty much every map in every codex, supplement, and rulebook across all 9 editions.

The download zip includes high and low res versions of the map with no background, with a galaxy background, and with a rift background as well as an, editable, XCF project file for the cross platform image editor GIMP.

Use the entire map, subsection of the high res copies, or edit it to taste to support your custom campaign or event!

Beware the download zip, with all of the content, is 319 MB!

You can download the (smaller) individual components at these links:


by s3xyrandal

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