Warhammer 40k Fight Club: Endgame Escalation League

Rules for a multi round, WH40k, Escalation League

Each month when you attend one of the two campaign days, you will receive a Special Objective marker. Each marker counts as an additional Command Point. You earn more command points the more months you participate. You only get one marker per month. You must attend the monthly event to receive a marker. At the end of the League, you will receive all the remaining markers.

For January, all armies have 5 Command Points + the Special Objective = 6 Command Points Total

Models must be WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Due to the variance of Getting Started forces, all non-Character Infantry units have “Objective Secured”.

The beta rules for targeting characters will be in use. The beta rules for psychic powers will be in use, EXCEPT for units that roll Smite on only one die (Tzeentch daemons, for example). Rolling for Smite with those units WILL cause the penalty for other units.

MATCHED PLAY rules for terrain (pg.248+) are in effect, EXCEPTION: No special rules in play for Imperial Statuary, or Fuel Pipes. *Note* that Woods and Craters affect charge distance. Vehicles may not go through walls. Infantry can go through windows & doors (even doors modeled closed). Be clear with your opponent on terrain BEFORE selecting deployment zones.

by Adan Tejada

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