Warcry Fighter Cards: Lumineth Realm-Lords

official Warcry Fighter Cards for the Lumineth Realm-Lords

With a total of 19 fighter cards to choose from, you can put together a vast array of Lumineth warbands for your battles. For example, you could focus on the Hurakan temple and have a band of Hurakan Windchargers led by a Hurakan Windmage. Or you could take the new Vanari Lord Regent to lead a mixed warband into battle.  No matter the style and theme of your Lumineth warband, the Vanari Bladelords make for a tempting option too with their powerful [Quad] ability Perfect Strike.  With a potential output of 33 damage points from that bonus attack action, Bladelords have the ability to take down an Iron Golems Ogor Breacher in a single strike. Of course, you have to roll seven 6s to pull it off, but don’t let that stop you from trying – just think of the glory!

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by Games Workshop

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