Unification Wars Gaming Supplement

a custom game system for army-scale combat during the Unification Wars

Games set during the Unification Wars should reflect the post-apocalyptic nature of the 29th Millennium. Terra has been subject to three millennia of war involving chemical, biological and thermonuclear weapons of mass destruction, and the insanity wrought by wild, unsanctioned psykers releasing the dark energies of the warp. The battlefields are wrapped in thick, cloying smoke and drifting clouds of radioactive fallout ready to choke the unwary. Visibility on these hellish vistas is limited to a handful of metres, and so warfare has reverted back to short-range firefights and vicious, bloody close-quarters melee.

The intention is to create a gaming experience where a great emphasis is placed on movement and close-range combat; ranged attacks are intentionally limited by the use of line-of-sight blocking scenery and drifting smoke-clouds which restrict visibility.

Games set during the Age of Unity use a slightly different set of missions and victory conditions to those played in the 30k or 40k eras. In addition, subtle tweaks to the core game mechanics are made in order to represent the era and setting in which these games occur; for example, psychic powers are much easier to manifest, but are far more risky to the wielder.

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by Graham Sanders

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