Tomb Kings Warscroll Compendium

a collection of AoS 2.0 Warscrolls for the Tomb Kings faction

A Tomb Kings legion is an unstoppable force of death that cuts down all before it, drawing upon arcane energies and ancient incantations.

This fan mode Warscroll Compendium brings the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tomb Kings army up into the modern era of Age of Sigmar 2.0.  Now you can play your Tomb Kings army with your AoS friends!  The document is replete with all of the rules you’d expect from a modern AoS army book including allegiance ablities, command traits, artefacts of power, spells, warscrolls, a points costs for each unit.

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Download the document directly from the author’s Dropbox here!

You can reach the author through his Reddit profile here and he would love feedback from you to improve this work!


by Phantius

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