The Siege of Kado

3-mission official, narrative, scenario for Adeptus Titanticus

Kado is a world shrouded in mystery, covered in hundreds of Mechanicum research facilities.  Each mission represents a major battle during the Siege of Kado, a fight over esoteric research facilities harnessing the dangerous energies of an artificial planet. Can you hold the Delta Breach against a seemingly endless horde of Traitors until Loyalist reinforcements arrive? How about re-enacting the moment a group of Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans ambushed a numerically superior force of Traitor Titans, corrupted by warp energies?

These three missions will test your strategic skills in a series of unique challenges, requiring a bit of fast-thinking and adaptive battle plans to emerge victorious.  And each mission has a slate of special rules to add a unique twist – including rules for pummelling Traitor Titans with salvos from the Loyalist Imperator Titan, Praeco Deictus. 

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by Games Workshop

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