The Raid on Pakeshi IV

A 3 game, narrative, WH40k campaign for 2-3 players

When WAAGH! Drillteef’s fringe factions began to devolve into infighting after a long series of losses in the Ultima Segmentum, the core fleet broke off and made off for greener pastures. A small armada of fifty Ork vessels remained of Doc Drillteef’s forces. They were drawn to the Paekshi Sector where Drillteef’s Weirdboys had scried the presence of a lost Warboss named Tuska. At Big Mek Skar ‘Ead’s suggestion,  Drillteef parked his fleet not far above the Nadir point of Sol Quartus. Presumably, the star’s radiation at that range and location would mask their presence. Heat and radiation were no concern to the grizzled warlord.

It wasn’t long before Drillteef despached a single, small transport to Pakeshi IV in search of the promised relics. Commanding the operation was his chief Weirdboy, Old Greg, and a trusted commander, Big Mek Dreadnutz. Old Greg would be in charge of the search for the Relic and Dreadnutz would command the bulk of the Ork forces meant to distract the Imperium from the Orks’ true intentions.

Meanwhile, since the war in the neighboring Shatara system, the Blood Ravens have removed themselves from the pitched battle being waged there. Instead, their interests have been piqued on Pakeshi IV. During the Shatar campaign, the Blood Ravens uncovered information that secret inquisitorial libraries on Pakeshi IV contain information about their missing 5th Company. When the Blood Ravens requested access to these libraries, the Inquisition were rather surprised considering the ultrasecret nature of the libraries. The Blood Ravens have, so far, been denied access.

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by Masters of the Forge

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