The Plunging Spires

a 4 game, narrative, Warcry event for 16 players

(Exasperated tones) You’ve heard of locations across the realms where items, beings or knowledge of great power have been discovered, right?! Th…those penumbral engines go quiet, illusion wears out, or…or the something escapes.

There was this Aelven privateer, uh…uh…Sailfin! Was an Admiral in the fleets of Sigmar, an he…they liked to keep a journal.

Sailfin called it the Plunging Spires, on account of its massive rock spires jutting from the clouds and seeing some some of them fall suddenly, straight down into the abyss. They flew around and through the spires, making notes about structures and markings.

I got one of those journal pages in a bazaar in Tempest Eye, and it details about the treasures and how to get to one of the spires!

Who knows how long this spire will be standing, or how much treasure could be found amidst the others around it. There’s also no telling who else knows about it and may be heading there now.

But you can have mine, and if you leave now you might find something before all the spires fall! Just spare my life! Please!!

The Plunging Spires is a 16 players, 4 game, narrative event with an interactive map, narrative twists, and an UNREPLENISHABLE Roster.  Originally put on by the Dogs of Warcry hosts at Misty Mountain Games in Madison, WI you can use this down to run your own Plunging Spires event!

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by StoneMonkGamer & Josh Arrington @ Dogs of Warcry (of The Mortal Realms)

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