The Pleasures of War

a 3 game narrative, WH40k, campaign with a open ending for continued action

Aeons ago, two disparate Terran cultures, the Vatese and the Tovans, set off for the stars in search of a better life. Interestingly, both cultures registered to settle the same world; Destra III. Knowing this, the impulsive Vatese chose to build their colony ship quickly, load it up with goods, and leave as soon as possible. The Tovans launched years after the Vatese, but their ship was blessed with many technological advancements that had been developed since the Vatese left. As such, the Tovans actually settled the world long before the Vatese…

In time, although they maintained the trade required for both nations to survive, the Tovans and Vatese went to war over their claims to the islands…

While most of the other worlds in the Destra system were useless hunks of rock or gas giants, Destra II was a lush jungle world. Although the Tovan probes had detected some dangerous fauna, Destra II was not dangerous enough to be classified as a Death World which meant it was ripe for colonization. For this reason, the Tovans pulled back from their war with the Vatese and gave up their claim to all the islands in favor of claiming the entirety of Destra II for themselves…

Today, Destra III’s northern continent is known as Forge City Tovan on its production stamps. The Vatese primarily maintain the production of foodstuffs on Destra II and move the goods through the portal to Destra III’s southern continent for processing and distribution not only to the Forge City, but to the rest of the Spinward Front at the edge of the Eye of Terror. Although this seems like a harmonic existence, the truth of the matter is that the Great Crusade was not completely thorough in their execution of the Slaaneshi presence on Destra II.

Forge City Tovan began having supply problems with the Vatese. The Vatesian shipments off-world still left on time, but those scheduled to fuel the Forge City’s needs were either late or never arrived at all. Vatesian leaders became increasingly aloof. They shrugged off the problems at every encounter and eventually stopped meeting with the Tovans entirely. With no political strength and no real standing army to speak of, the Tovans petitioned the Adeptus Terra for assistance in dealing with the Vatese. A long and arduous bureaucratic process ensured that it would be too late for the Imperium to intervene before irreparable damage was done on Destra III.

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by Masters of the Forge

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