The Oracle Issue: 02

a fanzine from 2004 covering wargames from GW and more!

What follows in these hallowed pages are articles and intel on the very games we love. From Man-o-War, to Lord of the Rings, we plan to cover every product Games Workshop has to offer, and even beyond- IK Warmachine, Confrontation, and many others.

We plan on having interviews, overviews, intraviews, and anything else you can think of that ends in “views”. Battle Reports, reviews, commentary, and the occasional allusion to BDSM will keep your attention, gripping fervently as you grip the pages in sheer joy. We will bring you unbiased opinions. We’re not here to sell you anything, nor are we here to make you yell in the middle of a store. Just what you want to know, when you want it.

All of this, free for your pleasure. Distribute this all you wish. Litter the parking lot of the local mall. Spread the word across the endless bounds of the internet. The Oracle is here!

Special thanks to the El Descanso Del Escriba blog (Spanish) for turning me onto this issue of The Oracle!


by heretic, Christine, Aaron, Anseur, Lord Lucifer, Lavfluris, Zeb, & Toddy

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