The Mournguls Come

a 2 mission, AoS, campaign set in The Lost Archipelago that supports solo play

The Mournguls have been unleashed upon the world. Their attacks have been mostly sporadic and disorganized. However, word has spread that the local denizens have seen bands of Mournghuls migrating towards each other. Like sheep answering a shepherd’s call, they gather together forming hoards containing hundreds of foul creatures. These hoards have been spotted on every continent, ravishing both man and beast as they sweep across the landscape. Several of the survivors of these encounters have reported seeing a gargantuan Mournghul leading the hoards. This being has become known to many as the Mournking. What is most interesting, is that similar accounts of this Mournking have been made across all the world’s continents.

How can this unique creature be in so many places at the same time? What power grants it the ability to move so easily across vast distances? Regardless of the answer, the Mournkings Armies march on. They have yet to attack the budding civilizations being formed by the “outsiders,” but it will not be long before walls no longer dissuade the Mournking’s advance.

Shall you ride out and meet the Mournking’s army head-on, or hide safely behind your walls?

The Mournguls Come is a two part campaign that pits a player army against The Mournking.  With only one enemy model, it is well positioned to play alone or with a friend!

Set in the world of The Lost Archipelago and originally released as a global event you can read the exciting narrative at the links below:

  1. The Mounrguls Come
  2. The Mournking Marches
    1. Tales of the Mourngouls
  3. The Siege of Acheron
    1. The Battles of Archeron
  4. The Fall of the Mournking



by basherJAD

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