The Labyrinth of Eternity

A 3 mission narrative campaign event for AoS with a unique random maze mechanic

In the depths of Shyish, an ancient empire long since thought extinct and forgotten, housed their greatest treasures and their very bodies in a place they considered so secure they assumed none would ever be able to defile it’s sanctity. A mighty necropolis so vast that it took generations and millennia to construct. They called their mighty construct The Labyrinth of Eternity.

In the millennia that followed, many a tale was told of the pyramids at the centre of the labyrinth and the powerful
relics they housed. Treasure hunters and scholars alike speculated on the details, but all agreed on one thing – the relics, while powerful beyond measure, were all but unobtainable.

They said no sorcery could break its many layered charms and curses. No map could chart the wicked traps and convoluted mind bending architecture. The stories all agreed, it was impenetrable.

That was until the great Necromancer unleashed the necroquake.

The Labyrinth of Eternity is an Age of Sigmar narrative event using the matched play rules. Your army will face unknown perils, twists and turns, curses and boons at the hands of a mad master of the maze. While matched play rules are in effect and these are designed primarily for balanced games, the maze will unbalance your games, perhaps putting you in a no-win position, or even granting you supreme dominance.

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by Andrew Long

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