The Kollassaio

a fighting arena Warcry scenario for 3+ players

Situated in Scrappa Spill the Kollassaio is a huge fighting arena, that provides spoils, purse, and entertainment for those who frequent its violent games. As a fighter, you are here to prove you deserve the title of Champion, do this, you must crush all those would oppose you, and vie for the fickle love of the crowd.

The Kollassaio was recently ambushed and robbed, since then, participating has not brought in the sort of coin it used to, but, the old Champion has been knocked off the top, and a power vacuum might just be the thing the Kollassaio needs to get back to its former glory.

The Kollassaio is played using the Warcry Ruleset, using the 3+ players ruleset, and a square Area of Play measured 40” 40”, in addition to the following extra rules. The rules below supersede Warcry rules where applicable. If there is confusion about whether something is within the rules, go with the Rule of Cool, if there is still disagreement, roll-off. Only the Universal Abilities can be used.

For the most up-to-date rules, see the official Kollassaio page at The Great Weave here!


by Keegan West @ The Great Weave

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