The Hunters, Hunted

an official Warcry scenario

You race across the jagged, broken plains of the Eightpoints, your pack following close behind.  The visions of the shamans guide you onward, for the glory of the Untamed Beasts.  The creature they call Firescar is close.  You can smell its acrid reek upon the wind, and your blood simmers with an eagerness for the kill.  Yet you are not the only warband on The Hunt.  Your rivals follow in your wake, no doubt wishing to claim this worthy kill in your stead.  Turn the tables on your foes with a night-time assault, and burn their camp to ashes.

The Hunters, Hunted is the first convergence (scenario) from the Untamed Beasts’ campaign in the Warcry Core Rules book.

Read more about this and scenario and the campaign system that it came from here!


by Games Workshop

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