The Hathorians

an unofficial AoS race/faction replete with lore, warscrolls, and more!

“There on the brink of destruction, when all hope was lost for the small village of Yriqual Tor in Ilithia, the sound of slaughter was drowned out by massive war horns and a small glimmer of hope was restored as the ground trembled. The Slaaneshi mortals standing over the innocent wounded, dead & dying look up, with their blood-stained teeth grinding their twisted expressions melting away at the sight before them. A thunderous charge from a Hathorian war party sends the chaos raiders into a panic, many being gored with massive horns, trampled under hooves or smashed with massive hammers. Those aelven villagers still alive looked upon the new slaughter, the hunters had quickly become the prey. Just then a portal began to open, and a greater demon of Slaanesh appeared and sorrow again filled the villager’s hearts. The Hathorians continued to fight, though they held their own the greater demon began to turn the tide as it ripped through the minotaur race. As the chaos forces regrouped and pushed back the ground below them began to grow feverishly with plant life, species of light bursting vine, flowers that burned with the light of hysh began to spring up and subdue the tainted mortals. A deafening cry let out; a voice full of anger. In a display of blinding light of greens and yellows, the Goddess Haset leapt at the Greater Demon of Slaanesh and gored it with her own horns through the heart, with her weapons cut off each of its four arms and soon sealing the portal to the chaos realm. Seeing the greater demon dispatched the mortals turned and ran, but it was too late as they were ran down or eradicated by magic.” – History of Yriqual Tor, Twin Spirit Peaks of the Ilithia Nation

This download contains lore and warscrolls for Sinarai’s homebrew Age of Sigmar race, the Hathorians.

You can read more about the development of Sinarai’s custom Age of Sigmar faction, the Hathorians, over a TGA here or Lustria Online here!

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by Sinarai

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