The Guild War Campaign

a Necromunda campaign revolving around the Guilds' discovery of a new Dome!

The Guilds of Necromunda wield enormous power over the daily lives of the citizens of the hives. Heat, water, air, food, these are life and death commodities to the hive dweller, and not always so easily acquired. The guilds generally rely on generations old contracts to determine where they ply their trade, but when a lost dome is discovered, it becomes a mad dash to gain a foothold and earn the contracts needed to secure their position. This campaign represents a newly discovered dome where two (or more if the arbitrator is feeling bold) rival guilds are attempting to win the contract needed to administer the new space and mine its riches.

The Guild War campaign is intended to be used along with the Necromunda core rules, it provides a roleplaying experience intended to give the games context and meaning. These rules work in place of the Guild Allies in the Book of Peril. A copy of the Book of Peril is needed for the statlines for the Guild parties, but as there are other bonuses that can be purchased, that book is only required if you intend to use the guilders themselves.

The campaign begins with a mad dash for territory, with players needing to decide between gaining territory for themselves, or fighting for the guild to boost its claim. The second half consists of the now dug in gangs attempting to push each other out and claim the most potent infrastructure for themselves. In the end, one guild will be awarded the contract by an officer of Lord Helmawr himself.

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by Crimson Oracle @ The Dome Runners

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