The Forlorn Hope

an official, 3 battle, Warcry narrative campaign pitting the Lumineth against the Ossiarch

After his defeat at the Blackpit Realmgate, Arkhan the Black moves his efforts to the Gates of Paradox in outer Haixiah and prepares his ritual of corruption once more. Situated within the Desert of Ending, the land around this portal is so rife with raw magic it is inhospitable to any mortal. However, there is one among the Lumineth who is indeed no mere mortal. Eltharion, an aelven spirit made of light manifest, sets out to defeat Arkhan upon the Realm’s Edge.

This is a narrative campaign for 2 players. One takes the role of the Lumineth and commands Eltharion and his aelven companions. The other is the Ossiarch player and commands Arkhan the Black, the foremost of Nagash’s Mortarchs. The Ossiarch player’s goal is to enact a foul ritual to corrupt the Gates of Paradox, a Realmgate that bridges the Realm of Light with that of Death. The campaign lasts for 3 battles, as Eltharion’s retinue races to the Realm’s Edge to confront their nemesis. This narrative campaign explores the events that happen in the Age of Sigmar supplement Broken Realms: Teclis and makes for a perfect evening of gaming.

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by Sam Pearson @ Games Workshop

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