The Ever-War

a two team, multi player, AoS Narrative Campaign

Emissaries of all of the peoples of Efengie have been cordially invited to visit the courts of the Red Queen and the White King. Their kingdoms lie in the Crag of Fallen Kings, to the north of Efengie. You are invited to bring your men-at-arms, for this will be an event of great revelry, beautiful tourneys, and feasting.

Despite the region’s reputation for being a cold, dead place, it is in fact so overflowing with the forces of life that every morning the dead rise as though they were never slain to begin with. Here, for thousands of years, the Red Queen and White King have waged their wars against one-another; and they need fresh blood to spill.

The Ever-War is an event where the players split into two teams, and choose which battlefields they will fight on. Each battlefield has its own special victory conditions, and the winners in round 1 will have follow-up objectives following through on their narrative.


by Duncan Hall

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