The Enforcer Bust

a Necromunda scenario featuring Enforcers busting opportunistic gangs

An abandoned subterranean structure recently collapsed in, allowing gangs to access the buried tunnels and huge stashes of unclaimed Ghast.

Gangs have struck a temporary truce to load their vehicles with ghast and make it back to the nearest settlement.  There is no reason to fight over the plenty when there is already more than anyone can carry.

Unfortunately, someone tipped off the Enforcers and Helmawr’s agents aren’t going to let anyone move Ghast in their turf without their boss getting a cut.

This multiplayer scenario is designed to be played with one Enforcer/Badland Enforcer gang and one or more other gangs but can be played with any gang in place of the Enforcers.

Download this scenario directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by Digital Ghost Baby

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