The Bidding War

a Necromunda campaign final scenario

It took several cycles for the official cartographers and surveyors of House Helmawr to make their way to the new landmass in the Great Sump Sea known as The Pile. Once they did, however, this island went from being a lawless pit of violent anarchy to a taxable lawless pit of violent anarchy. If the outcast gangs of The Pile were to profit from its riches, Lord Helmawr would take his cut.

From this point onwards, the underhive’s various guilds, houses, and syndicates slowly moved into action to establish a permanent foothold on The Pile, seeking already established local gangs to support their activities. The Mercator Gelt, tasked with moving these goods off the island, began construction on a coastal port with a deepwater dock, from which salvage and goods could be shipped to Sump City and back uphive. Once constructed, it would have a near monopoly on trade to and from the island, and anyone controlling the fort would be able to take a lucrative cut from all passing through. 

The Guild of Coin tentatively signed a contract with The Pile’s most powerful gang to provide security for the construction site until the fortifications were finished. The contract was based on continued performance, so the island’s underdog gangs saw an opportunity to get themselves into this lucrative job through an aggressive show of violent skill. If they could take over the site, they could prove their right to the contract. But with the Guild of Coin project supervisors approaching soon, these gangs would need to team up (at first) to unseat the entrenched defenders of Ember’s End. 

This scenario is ideal for running at the culmination of a Necromunda campaign.  Pit your gangs in one last, exciting, scenario as a capstone to your narrative.

Download the scenario directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by BudFreeman

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