The Awakened

a 4 scenario, WH40k 9th ed Crusade campaign, for an Imperial player & a Chaos GM

Throughout the galaxy, miracles abound and doom hangs a pall over every sentient being. At the center of this conflict is the prideful Imperium of Man and the selfish Ruinous Powers. Although both sides of this conflict are harried by Xenos threats and internal strife, the fact remains that the Galaxy teeters on the balance of power between these two factions.

This 4-scenario narrative campaign is designed for players to engage their army in a personal narrative during the Era Indomitus. It follows a plot by the Ruinous Powers to conquer an Imperial world through nefarious means and that world’s resistance to their meddling.

A player can choose to use their army (or armies) and pick one or more opponents to face throughout the four scenarios. Although the campaign includes prescribed degrees of success for either side at the end of the campaign, it’s up to the player(s) to decide what really happens to their army and the characters who serve within it.

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by Masters of the Forge

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