Sacrifice for Glory

an AoS 2.0 pitched battle plan for two players

A bloody pit seeps powerful magic into the land. Whoever controls it can use the power to mend flesh and bone…but only if a fitting sacrifice is made.

This battle is fought to control three objectives as shown on the map. The center objective is a Sacrificial Pit objective.  A player controls a Sacrificial Pit objective if they have more HERO models within 9” of the objective than their opponent.  During each hero phase, each friendly unit within 9” of the Sacrificial Pit objective takes 2D6 mortal wounds. Units that have the HERO keyword are not affected. If any models are slain by this damage, each HERO within 9” of the Crucible may heal D3 wounds, rolled individually for each hero.  The player with the most victory points at the end of Round 5 wins a Major Victory.

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by Zack @ Atlanta Warhammer

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