Random Terrain Events

7th edition WH40k rules for random results when interacting with terrain

Death can come from all directions on the battlefield, sometimes even from the battlefield itself!  Unwary soldiers can fall through floors, be struck by falling debris, even fall foul of local fauna.

The battlefield can also hold a bounty of lost treasure; so it is always advisable to watch your step as well as watching for the enemy!

This rule set has been designed to add an extra dimension to a game of WH40k by adding another level dynamism to the battlefield of the 41st millennia.  Using the rules below will generate 2-3 random events (some for good, some for ill) during a game of 40k, depending on how much terrain you are running.

These rules can also add an extra narrative level to your army, as detailed in the ‘Terrain Specialists’ rules.


by Adam Friend

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