Plague Legion Remnants

a Death Guard Army of Renown for WH40k 9e

The Deathguard have maintained the Logistics and warcraft of the great Astartes Legions better than most of the other Traitor Legions. Lessons burned into ancestral memory of the XIVth resurface even in the 41st millennium. Echos of Crusade era tactics are visible though the viscera, pus and slime of Nurgle’s burdens.

The Remnants of the Plague Legions are not here to conqueror, or even seed new life for Nurgle’s garden. They are true agents of entropy, here to grind progress into ash.

They leave nothing but pitted bone and rad soaked wastelands inimical to life. They are a dark parody of the once loyal XIVth Legion, marching implacably to undo civilization and leave no stone on stone.

Their Lords of Pox are adept at fanning the winds of plague so that their opponents have no choice but to engage them in battle or else suffer a worse fate.

Inevitably, the Remnant is dug in and well coordinated. Havoc squads provide close support squads, Breacher squads stand ready to rebuff assault with their boarding shields and Serried ranks of Plague Legionnaires trudge forward, spitting poisoned bolts at an enemy presumptuous enough to prevent the cancerous scouring of their world.

Download this Army of Renown Codex directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by Princess Kushana

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