Path of Anvils

an AoS skirmish campaign, for 2+ players, centered around an Anvil of Apotheosis champion

Path of Anvils campaigns centre around mighty Champions leading ferocious warbands into vicious combat in the Age of Sigmar. Champions fight each other and gather followers to join them in their quest for glory, taking advantage of this age of unending battle to win glory and renown.

In order to take part in a Path of Anvils campaign, you will need two or more players. All players will need to have to create one Champion using the Anvil of Apotheosis rules, and must then create a warband to follow and fight beside their champion during the campaign.

The players fight battles against each other using the warbands they have created. The results of these battles will gain their warband favour. The warband will grow in numbers as a player’s champion grows in strength. With more warriors marching under their banner and existing troops becoming more powerful.

After a your champion gains enough power or your warband earns enough favour or grows in size to dominate all others through sheer weight of numbers, you will be granted a final test. Succeed, and your glory will be affirmed for all time, and you will be crowned as the victor of the campaign.

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by Casual Hammerer

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