OFCC 2015 WHFB Team Tournament

a 5 round WHFB Team Tournament

The Ordo Fanaticus Warhammer Fantasy Team Event is a team event using a modified Swedish Composition v 1.15 (subject to update) that will last five rounds. The OFCC takes all aspects of the hobby into equal account and is an event like no other. We look at painting, sportsmanship and generalship in equal measure. This is the event that whether a hobbyist, casual gamer or tournament player there is something for you. The Ordo Fanaticus Warhammer Fantasy Team Event will follow the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rules and all relevant Games Workshop FAQ’s and Errata. This event will be using the Swedish Compositions v. 1.15 and an OFCC Swedish Comp Addendum v.1.0.


by Ordo Fanaticus

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