Oblivion Campaign Part 2: Fate of Caen

part 2 of the official Warmachine Oblivion campaign series

Prophets have told of its coming, but the world was still not prepared. They have come for what they are owed. Their foothold is set, and they peer greedily at the copious souls within the cities of the Iron Kingdoms.

The Fate of Caen campaign will take players from small skirmishes, to a siege, to escaping to Henge hold, and finally to the battle at the foot of the great gate. The corruptors burn and devour anything standing in the way, delivering the promised souls to their masters. Whereas the guardians stand in defense of all the Iron Kingdoms. Old hatreds are cast aside while all must band together to hold onto hope.

Fate of Caen begins in the outskirts of any medium size city within the Iron Kingdoms. As the campaign progresses your forces will draw closer and closer to Henge hold where the final fate of Caen will be decided. Will all civilization fall to ruin or will a new golden age dawn from the darkness?

This download contains Part 2 of the Oblivion Campaign: Fate of Caen.  In it you’ll find a scenario tree, additional campaign specific rules, 16 scenarios, and 6 different possible narrative outcomes!

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