Necromunda Expanded Campaign Rules

20 pages of additional and expanded rules for your Necromunda campaign

This book was created to allow players from the community to expand their Necromunda campaigns beyond what is provided in official Games Workshop books. It consists of a set of the most commonly used house rules, balancing mechanics such as House Patronage, ways to include Dramatis Personae in your games, a Trading Post appendix, new action types, both modifiedand completely new tables such as Zombie Disease, Badzone Explorer for playing scenarios in areas outside of the relative safety of the Underhive Settlements, and a vastly expanded Post-Battle Sequence Actions pool for every member of your gang, not just Leaders and Champions.

Content includes:

  • House Patronage – mechanic for levelling games with stronger opponents, originally found in WD May 2019, and slightly modified by me.
  • Hired Guns – Tavern Mechanic for generating them and Personal Bounties for extra reason to use this Forge World models 😃
  • Extra Actions – 5 new actions for fighters to perform
  • Useful House Rules – set of house rules which covers broken/unclear elements of this game
  • Vehicles Rules errata – my proposition of fixing some of the Vehicle rules, which in my opinion could be done better
  • Expanded Post-Battle Sequence – Starvation mechanic inspired by Dark Uprising Campaign, 5 new Post Battle Actions, also available for Gangers and Juves (Scavenging, Trade Exchange, Gambling, Special Order and Re-equipping)
  • Guilder Trading Post – alternative way for handling TP/BM
  • Expanded Experience system – as the current one is so slow, that almost nothing happens, especially for support type fighters
  • Experimental gang rules – some fixes which we use in our campaigns to make playing certain gangs stronger, but more interesting
  • Modified tables – for Zombie Infection, Misfire and Lasting injuries.
  • Trading Post Appendix – with 5 wargear items from older edition, which did not make it.


You can download the latest version directly from the author’s Google Drive here!


by Kacper Kuc, David Bell, Chris Iddon, Michal Kubiak

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