Necromunda Book of Lore

a fanmade compilation of art & lore from old/out of print Necromunda books

It is important, for narrative play, to know lore at least to a small degree. Books for the N17 are more or less accessible, but older lore, from first edition and Confrontation are quite hard to come by, especially by newer players. So, for players and arbitrators looking for expending their knowledge of the world, as well as for anyone else needing inspiration, here is a booklet (almost 60 pages) of art and lore from: Confrontation, all Apocrypha Necromundus articles and various N96 books/supplements.

DISCLAIMER: as it is marked in the book, this is free, fan-made document for non-commercial use. All rights for texts and artworks belong to Games Workshop Group.

Download the latest version of the Book of Lore at the author’s Google Drive here!

Read more about the Book of Lore at the Necromunda Worldwide Facebook group here!


by Kacper Kuc & Games Workshop

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